I'm home alone with the flu on a Saturday night... And I love it. Well, not the part about having the flu, but the home alone part. It's nice not having to walk around in the cold outside, have people look at me, and be sociable.

I just finished cutting my bangs with my new hair cutting scissors. They worked way better than than my gluey craft scissors that I normally use. I don't know if I'll get my hair cut more than once a year now that I've discovered hair cutting scissors. They are so much sharper and they slice through hair like it's tiny strands of butter.

I worked for 4.5 hours today. It was supposed to be 12 hours, but I was too sick. I came home and watched a 80's cheerleader horror movie with Blake, but I fell asleep before the end. I wonder who was K! I! L! L! I! N! G! all those girls? I woke up all fevery and confused.

Blake and I went to the mall to get fruit and booster juices to help us get better. I got three different colours of apples.

I also discovered a couple of really great games. First I played this war-time surgery game. I amputated my own leg with a saw. It's really gross and I wish it was longer. Then I played this cute yin yang game.

Now I am on the couch all wrapped up in a blanket and planning on watching a movie if alluc.org will stop timing out.

Maybe later I'll do some laundry.

I love Saturday nights.