bear bat boy.

I've been so sleepy lately. I could just sleep forever. If I didn't go to school or have to support myself I probably would have hibernated for quite a while after thanksgiving weekend.

Did you know that bears aren't true hibernators? Hibernation is controlled hypothermia and bears body temperatures don't go low enough. I think that's an interesting fact because bears are so often associated with hibernation.

A big brown bat is a true hibernator. I like bats. They're mamanimals like I am, but their experience from ours is so different. Philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote in "what is it like to be a bat" about the subjective nature of consciousness. I really liked the class that we talked about Nagel. It gave me a reason to draw bats all over my notes.

I wonder what Ben Underwood would say about Thomas Nagel. Ben Underwood is blind and uses Echolocation. It's pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever heard of.

Anyways, my desire to hibernate is overriding my desire to learn about research methods.

I made some new journal entries and I am debating scanning them and posting them on here. I'm pretty nervous about sharing them with anyone. I have a really hard time even letting Blake look at them. I think if I maybe just start showing people it'll get easier.

Okay, I have to go read and critique research studies. Wish me luck with my stinky midterm tomorrow.


cayliedawn said...

"It gave me a reason to draw bats all over my notes." - i can't even handle your adorability.

scan pictures of your journals! do it, do it, do it! they're my favorite!

i am so excited you started a new blog!

kaylin said...

Maybe I'll scan some bat drawings.

I'm going to scan some pictures tomorrow when I get home for class.

This blog is going to focused on being more positive and more picturey.

cayliedawn said...

i like positive and picturey, but i hope you include some grumpiness once in a while.