Happy 143 birthday, buddy!

I love love love love love Canada day.
It's the best holiday. Here are my reasons.

1) It's a holiday with no expectations. No big dinners, no long lists of presents to purchase, no unrealistic expectations, and no commitments. It's just a fun day!

2) It's in the summer, close to the solstice. The day is so long and usually beautiful. I can't remember yucky weather on Canada day. That may be selective memory, but I don't care. In my mind, it is always beautiful July 1.

3) I almost always have fun on July 1 (I can think of one notable exception, but I'm who cares). Last summer I ate lots of cake and watched the fireworks with my dad and sister at the Ledge grounds. 2008 at a show with Blake. 2007 was my favourite Canada day of all time. I spent it on the Edmonton Queen River Boat. MBP played. We watched the fireworks from the river. It was beautiful.


5) Free pancakes and cake everywhere you turn.

6) Canadian flags everywhere. We are nowhere near as flag crazy patriotic as our southern neighbours, so when Canadians bust out their flags, you better believe it's for a good reason.

7) Swearing in of new Canadian citizens at the ledge!

8) The strong sense of national pride.

9) This is a day where I remember how special our multiculturalism is. It's neat to see such diversity of our people. All partying down cause we love our sweet nation!! Oh yeah!

10) And my absolute most favourite part of this special day...




At my apartment building there is a white pick up that parks to the right of the back doors. It has the license plate "TYS TOY". I've always ripped on the plate and the lame truck. Recently I was going to work and noticed that all 4 of Ty's toy had flat tires. Someone had slashed them. I don't know if Ty was on vacation or if he didn't have the money or if he just didn't give a fuck, but his truck sat on it's rims and the bottom of it rusted away for about two weeks. One day a couple of weeks ago I walked by the car and he had replaced all the tires. The following day the tires on the drivers side were slashed again. I laughed. Last Friday I was headed off to work at around 9 and Ty had jacked up the drivers side and removed the two flats. I came home to pick something up at 11:30 and the passengers side tires were slashed. SOME SLASHED THEM IN BROAD DAYLIGHT ON A BUSY STREET IN A BUSY BUILDING!!! Ty left his car jacked up on the left side, but didn't replace any tires. Last weekend someone smashed his window with a brick.
Today Ty has a new car. I wonder how long it will take for this one to get destroyed. I know I shouldn't blame the victim, but I've come to the assumption that Ty is probably an abusive asshole and totally deserves this shit storm of vandalism.
It keeps me pretty darn entertained as well.