Chair vs. Blake. Chair wins!

This guy makes me laugh.
He was putting together our new computer chair and put it together around his leg.

lambimal clip cloppin'

I watch this video about three times a week lately.


Spring Cure: Week 1

I've finally committed to the apartment therapy spring cure and even bought the book.

It's week one and I've started on the assignments. One of the assignments was to vacuum and mop the entire space. I borrowed my parents Dyson yesterday and began attacking the dust bunnies. First off, what a difference using a quality vacuum made. The air in my apartment actually felt noticably cleaner after I'd vacuumed about 3/4 of my space. Maxwell (author of the 8-step home cure) suggests taking note of what you have to move when you vacuum. I didn't do too bad, but vacuuming around my living room was the biggest hassel, so I think I'll have to come up with a solution for storage rather than storing boxes and tv remotes under the couch.

I did the quiz in the health of my apartment and got a 10 which is Healthy. I scored the highest on the section for heart. I do have many things in my place that reflect what I like and what I think it beautiful. I was feeling down on my space, but once I identified that my apartments heart is strong, I felt a lot better.

I scored the lowest on Breath. I have way too much stuff. My place isn't easy to clean and I don't always feel comfortable in it. I'll need to work on controlling my consumption.

To do:
I still need to mop my place (I was so tired after the extreme vacuuming).
I need to part with an item (Yesterday on the give away spot in my building I picked up a beautiful vase. I wonder if someone else in my building is doing the cure).
I need to create my style tray.

Here's a photo I find inspiring.

Apartment therapy inspiration 1