I had another very good weekend.

On Friday I left work early because I had banked several hours of flex time during the week and I promised myself I'd use my flex time. I went home and had a delicious nap on the couch. I woke up around 5 and Blake drove me to my regular friday dinner with the social workers. Mandie wasn't feeling well, so it was just three of us, but it was a great time. Courtney and myself think similarly and Kristy thinks differently. It makes for interesting and heated discussions at time. Especially since Kritsy and I seem to never see eye to eye on the meaning of a word. Courtney quite often acts as a translator between us, as she can interpret what Kristy is saying. So we ate chinese food. Complained about work. Bragged about work. Talked about modern love and fluidity of gender. Then we played a hilarious game called "type-cast" that I picked up at vv earlier in the day (when I went home early, I stopped there and picked up sunglasses and board games). And each drank several glasses of wine.

On Saturday morning I was quite the grumpy bear and I sulked off to Transcend to read a book and eat waffles. Mandie and Joel came to join me and Farren joined a bit later too. I typically only see Mandie on Fridays with Kristy and Courtney, but she is a lot like me and she is a good shopper with similar shopping tastes, I've wanted to hang out with her more, so this was a nice day. Once the 4 of us finished with our tasty lattes, Joel left and we went shopping.

It was a good time. Mandie and Farren have a lot in common (they are both awesome ladies!) I bought chocolates from the Handmade Mafia show for my mom and two vintage dresses (that the store left the GIANT security tags on, so I can't wear them until I go back. Super annoying).

I got home late afternoon and brought flowers from Zocalo to apologize to B for being such a grumpy bear. He forgave me.

The rest of saturday I did nothing and it was great! ...I probably should have tackled my laundry mountain. Oh wait, I painted two small painting for my mothers and wrote heartfelt messages on the backs of them. I am incredibly lucky to have a loving, supportive and fun mom and mother-in-law.

Sunday was mothers days craziness. I went to transcend for another waffle (developing waffle compulsion forming here) and B tried a latte and liked it! From there we went to my parents. My dad made mothers day brunch. He puts cornflakes on french toast and it is delicious!! In the evening we went to Japanese Village with B's mom. It was also delicious. Mothers day was busy and nice and still I made it home in time to watch Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans is my favourite tv show at the moment. I feel a kinship with Mark Lily (the alive human in the picture). He is a social worker for the Department of Integration. Similar to me, he is idealistic, but also tired. His clients are a mix of monsters, ghouls, imaginary creatures and immigrants. His department had major cut backs and he works with an incompetent wizard. The animation is fantastic! It's imaginative and busy (there's always so many things to look at in every scene).

Okay, back to my weekend. It was great!

Also, last night I did two hours of aquasize at Millwoods Rec. The instructor there is fantastic. He is straight from the 70s, complete with classic rock sing-a-longs. The Big Roast and I pretend we are on a vacation while we are there and it makes for a pretty relaxing night at the pool.

Tonight, birthday Padmanadi for Mary!

lovin' life.