The tasering of Robert Dziekanski is so heart breaking. I saw the video last night. He just looked so scared and confused. How come the security didn't find him when his mom asked for help? Was there no one in the airport who spoke polish? Why did they taser him after 24 seconds? How was he supposed to know to put his hands behind his back when he spoke no english? How come they tasered him so many times when he was already laying down?

At a news conference, Ms. Cisowski said she had dreamed of opening a small business in Kamloops with her son. "I've lost my only family," she said. "I studied English during the day and at night I saved money to get my son to Canada."

Mr. Dziekanski arrived with three bags, two of which were filled with geography books.

Geography books!? Adorable. I bet he had such high hope for life here. Kamloops is beautiful. I wish he got to to live there and open that business with his mom.

Since 2003 16 Canadians have died after being tasered by police, including 2 people in Edmonton.



On Thursday I skipped policy class because it's stupid and the prof doesn't teach anymore, there are just 5-7 presentations per class.

On my way to my afternoon class someone from "Ching's" (a new restaurant that opened behind my apartment building) gave me some free spring rolls. They were delicious.

And this is what my face looked like on thursday.

It was blustery out.