Laziest weekend in weeks

For the first time since I moved out of my parents house, 6 years and 5 rentals later, my apartment feels like a home.

On Thursday my dad and I drove out to Spruce Grove to pick up the amazing couch I found via kijiji. It probably weighed 300 lbs and nearly killed me and my poor dad moving it into the house. My dad has lifted weights for as long as I can remember and his shoulders are as wide as a house. I can't even do a push up. I wasn't much help and my dad commented several times on my lack of upper body strength, which I found hilarious! We eventually got it into the apartment and then I realized that I now had 3 couches in a 1 bedroom apartment. I spent most of Friday stressing out about my abundance of couches. I didn't think anyone would want a ratty, popsicle stained, ikea couch, so I looked into (and by that I mean, blake made phone calls) having it taken away by the junker people. They said it would cost $260 which is more than half of what I paid for my new couch. So I posted a kijiji ad and by the next day I had 5 offers! So I guess some hillbillies came and took it away. Thanks Hillbillies!
I think that it's starting to feel like a home because we are using it as a home. I am entertaining more, putting up art work, and since yesterday we've also been growing a garden.

Blake planted all sorts of veggies out on our balcony and we are also working on an herb garden. I'm pretty excited for fresh tomatoes, mint, potatoes, and strawberrys. I'm most excited to be surrounded by green things. I also picked up a couple of succulents and an air plant. I tied a peice of red string around the air plant and hung it by the window.

Life is pretty much the same as always. I am feeling pretty restless these days. I'd like some sort of drastic change in my life, but I don't know what that change would be and if it would be for the better or just for the different.
Tonight Blake is making me supper and then I'm going to aquasize. Following aquasize I am going to make some poly creatures for my little cactus garden.

This is the couch. The back in on a track so you can adjust the couch in a million different ways. And by a million, I really mean 4.


kelseydawn said...

that couch is wild!

Lizzy Derksen said...

Homes and gardens are lovely.