I haven't updated this thing in ages, but listen up cause I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!

This year I will open my bills when I get them and pay them on time.
This year I will not let school turn me into a complete monster (I will allow a few monsterish days, but I'll be a sorta cute monster).

Also, for the first year in a couple of years I am not resolving to keep my apartment clean. Instead I am resolving to have friends over more often which will in turn lead to a clean apartment (I hope). So far it's working.

Lately I've become more and more infatuated with animals. Right now I really like strange, rare animals. Here are two that I am especially fond of. I hope you like them too.

First, meet the Aye aye. Aye aye's live in Madagascar and are the largest nocturnal primate in the world. They like to eat grubs out of trees and they use their long fingers to get their dinner. Aye aye's are endangered because their habitat is being destroy, but also because people were superstitious and thought Aye aye's to be an omen of death or a demon and so they were routinely killed for this reason.
This is a grown up Aye aye.

This is a baby. He does look pretty scary.

The other animal I really like is a vampire squid. They are so neat.

Here's a video for you to watch so you can appreciate them more.



cayliedawn said...

that vampire squid is pretty neat! i am still in love with stingrays, though.

i have the same strategy for keeping my house clean. i just invite people over more often. so far, it's been working!

kelseydawn said...

hi. i creeped your blog, and then i watched that video on vampire squid! that thing about their eyes darkening to look like they are getting further away is crazy crazy.